Father, daughter, and son
under the Miami Sun

The best way to get dad in shape for summer with the coolest water sports, standout beach accessories and, naturally, the help of his healthy children.

Kayak + Saturday + Miami = FUN!

The best way to thank him for all the work he does in the office to support his children, to play together when he gets the day off.

Sun Specials

“Our choices today are shaped by the choices we were given when growing up. Thanks Dad for providing food on our table” – David and Julia

Every Saturday we choose our sun specials at the local farmer’s market. Coconut water, avocados, and tomatoes, yummy!


Coastal living and park strolling a lifestyle that is only good because of the love that we receive from dad daily.

We want to thank dad for understanding the importance of play, food and love every day.

Father and SUN

To see him play, eating and caring for our children warms my heart, makes me smile…

As a family, we praise UNICEF for the work they do to improve living conditions for millions of children throughout the world providing quality education, nutrition, and care.

Join us and Unicef to celebrate good parenting by sharing an image or clip of your children’s super dad!. Use #EarlyMomentsMatter and post it on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


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